Health professionals

Health professionals has a range of information and resources developed specifically for women with PCOS and health professionals concerning polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

As research in the area is rapidly advancing and a greater understanding of the condition is evolving, it is important that the information is provided to women with PCOS and healthcare professionals alike. The educational information addresses the long-term complications of PCOS including increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression and anxiety.

We are a community group with doctors, dietitians and expert authors in the field of PCOS and united by one common goal – to empower women in taking charge of their PCOS journey. The health articles available to various individuals and organisations including health and community groups for non-commercial, non-profit, educational purposes only.

The short and long-term consequences of PCOS vary. The condition is an individual journey for each woman at different life stages, and it is a chronic condition. It is also a difficult condition to diagnose as there is not enough awareness and recognition in the community. We hope the educational information leads to earlier diagnosis, greater understanding and awareness of the condition by women and health practitioners, greater consistency of care for women and better health outcomes.

We welcome health professionals working on PCOS to join our community, support our regional community groups. share their expert information to women with PCOS in the form of information articles, podcasts, videos with the objective of educational information to increase the awareness on PCOS